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We are proud to be part of a new book publishing and printing movement. With our flexible publishing platform, authors now have the opportunity to get their book published and also reap the reward. Our goal is to provide the best service and produce high-quality books from manuscript to marketing. By joining forces with you the author, we form an innovative and exciting publishing partnership.

Our No Royalty publishing policy provides the author with the ability to reap good income by making the book available for purchase online from stores such as WHSmith, Foyles, Waterstones, etc. They would also be available for distribution and sold worldwide on Amazon and other online bookstores.

Krossway Publishing also publishes Christian Quick Reads Series. The imprint is designed for short books by Christian authors for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. The CQRS books are to encourage the discovery of the joy of books that makes real lasting changes to believers faith.

Krossway Publishing is a subsidiary of Crossenterp Limited, a fast growing Christian media and enterprise company in the United Kingdom. We are passionate about the good news of grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

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We know that writers prefer to write than getting their hands dirty doing marketing and any chance to avoid it to get back to writing is attractive. Krossway Publishing.offers a blend of the prestige of being published by a publishing house and the financial reward that goes with the contributory enterprise. Find out more about our Publishing Service here

Christian Quick Reads Series are short books by Christian authors for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. They are also designed to encourage the discovery of the joy of books and make real lasting changes to believers faith.

Click here to find out more about Christian Quick Reads Series

Krossway Publishing also republishes out of date and public domain books under our imprint. Some of our books are derivative work, in that they have,where necessary been extensively edited without losing the quality of the original book/manuscript. We realised that there is a vacuum to be filled by republishing out of date books, especially those in public domain. Our aim is to promote the very best of Christian authors, literature and classic evangelical titles.

If you know of or have authored a book that has gone (or is going) out of print, we welcome the opportunity to become your publisher.


  • We believe that the Bible is inspired and, therefore, inerrant Word of God. The Bible is the final authority for all we believe and how we are to live.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, fully God and fully man; that He was conceived and born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and offered Himself as a penal, substitutionary sacrifice for sinners.
  • We believe By His blood shed at the cross, Jesus Christ obtained for us eternal redemption, the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. He was raised bodily on the third day and ascended to the right hand of the Father, there to make intercession for the saints forever.
  • We believe that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
  • We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ baptizes believers in the Holy Spirit, in whom we are also sealed for the day of redemption. The Holy Spirit regenerates, forever indwells, and graciously equips the Christian for godly living and service.
  • We also believe that signs and wonders, as well as all the gifts of the Spirit described in the New Testament, are operative today and are designed to testify to the presence of the kingdom and to empower and edify the Church to fulfil its calling and mission.
  • We believe that the one true God exists eternally in three persons, father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that these, being one God, are equal in deity, power, and glory.
  • We believe that God not only created the world but also now upholds, sustains, governs, and providentially directs all that exists and that He will bring all things to their proper consummation in Christ Jesus to the glory of His name.
  • We believe in the literal second coming of Christ at the end of the age when He will return to earth personally and visibly to consummate His kingdom.

Krossway Publishing is a subsidiary of Crossenterp Limited, a company registered as limited by guarantee (Company Number 10888391) registered in England & Wales. Registered Address: 160 Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX

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