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Why Publish with us?

We know that writers prefer to write than getting their hands dirty doing marketing and any chance to avoid it to concentrate on writing is attractive. And that is what we offer at Krossway Publishing.- a blend of the prestige of being published by a publishing house and the financial reward that goes with the contributory enterprise.

Print Publishing

Our print management experience also provides us with the advantage to help keep the cost of producing low so that the writer can benefit from their effort. The print publishing service includes 2 years distribution with INGRAM, AMAZON-ONLY warehousing costs are additional and dependent on the number of books in storage.


Our digital software resources and experience also provides us with the advantage to help keep the cost of producing low so that the writer can benefit from their effort. We are able to produce your book in any digital format such as E-book, Flipping-book, epub, etc. We also have the necessary software and experts for the online and offline marketing of your book.

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What we can do for You

Our service. comprises of the following:

Transcription - convert audio and video to a manuscript.

Editorial- proof-reading, editing

Production -Layout, designing of a cover, digital E-book, website

Printing - pre-press, printing management

Legal and Administration - Barcoding, Library and Book trade notification

Distribution-Wholesalers, Retailers, Mail order handling

Marketing-Advertising, PR, internet marketing

Promotions- launching, Exhibition

Digital - Publishing and Marketing

Here's how it works

Krossway Publishing looks after all preparation, production, printing and promotion of your book. That is from Manuscript to Marketing. We take care of the legal and administrative tasks too, as well as arrange (depending on package chosen) various sales and distribution alternatives and promotional tools. We fill orders from individuals, bookstores and wholesalers, printing the books one-at-a-time "on-demand" to match incoming orders.

Our service guarantees are no expensive inventory and no waste. From the sale price, we set aside a healthy author's royalty -- and send you a check every month.

Krossway Publishing will send your book's description to the main book industry reference databases so that bookstores and libraries around the world can locate your book for special orders. We also make your book available to major booksellers like Amazon and to other online bookstores.

We support our publishing with an advertising campaign, in our own publications, offline and online as well as on social media. You'll benefit from our wide audience of a dedicated reader. On top of that, we even let you have your own basic website, free, as a tool to promote and sell your book.

We will also provide you with Sales support such as orders taking from individuals, bookstores, and wholesalers. From the sale price, we set aside a healthy author's royalty and send you a cheque every three months.

We will provide a regular account with a breakdown of sales record every month.

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Our Promises to Authors

1..We do not take any royalties whatsoever from our authors.

2. We only use PayPal for all transactions, therefore, you will never need to give us your bank details or credit card information, unless you choose to do so voluntarily.

3. We promote all our authors across our media platforms and social media, all the time.

4. We offer marketing, review, design, video trailer, and editing services to all our authors, including transferred authors, which are available to purchase -as -you go, whenever you would like to revamp your book.

5. We offer an all-in-one package for authors looking to launch a new book, or fully revamp a current book entirely. However, all of the services in the package are also available separately.

6. We believe that a professional book service should provide authors with their requirements in line with their specific needs and ideas, and we will assist you in achieving your objectives

7. Your point of contact will always be a senior executive in our office, and you will have unlimited support contact.

8. You will remain in full control of your Amazon Book Page at all times, with full support from us.

9. You will retain your rights, ISBN, book page, and sales even if you decide to leave us

10. You will retain your rights, ISBN, book page, and sales even if Krossway Publishing stops operation for any reason.

Subjects Covered

List of Book Subjects that we publish

Bible Study Guides
Biblical Reference
Business / Leadership
Comparative Religions
Children's Bibles
Children-Bible Story Book
Classics / Literature
Contemplative Life
Commentaries-New Testament
Commentaries-Old Testament
Children's Ministry
Christian Education
Christianity and Culture
Christian Living
Church Growth
Church Leadership
Church Music Ministry
Church Wide Campaigns
Devotional Bible

Emerging Church
Evangelism and Outreach
Family Ministry
Faith and Science
Giant Print Bible
Gift Bible
Health and Diet
Holy Spirit
Lay Counseling
Missional Church
Pastoral Care and Counseling
Pastoral Help
Practical Theology / Church Life
Prophecy / End Time
Prophecy / Prophetic

Reference Bible
Sermons and Illustrations
Science and Religion
Singles Ministry
Small Group Ministry & Resources
Stewardship and Church Finances
Student Ministry
Stress management
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Warfare
Theology / Church History
Theology: General Studies
Theological Interpretation
Theology: Historical Theology
Youth-Devotional and Prayer
Worship / Liturgy

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