Biblical Reference



If you've ever wanted to understand Jesus' heart, the words he spoke should be your starting point. Using all the recorded words of Jesus, this book simplifies the reading of His spoken words, wisdom, and promises without the narrative. Jesus becomes better understood as you read his statements alone.ISBN-978-1-9998101-0-8

Biblical Reference


Jesus: A-Z

This book contains over 1,000 sayings of Jesus arranged in Alphabetical order under key topics. Jesus: A-Z is a comprehensive compilation that makes easy reading and understanding of the teachings of Jesus from the four Gospels.

The Holy Bible

Holy Bible - Modern English Version

The Holy Bible (World English Bible Version -WEBV) is a completely modern English translation of the Bible for users who are looking for a Bible that is easy to read and understand. It compares favorably with other recognised translations.

ISBN -978 -1-9998101-6-0


Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt : The Authentic Jesus

It is true of the person of Jesus that he walked, ate, laughed, loved and taught on this earth. This book provides a well-supported evidence from many backgrounds that include, science, religion, history, and accounts of witnesses, to support the man-God who came to fulfill the promise of God for the salvation of mankind.
ISBN -978 -1-9998101-7-7

Christian Living

The Kneeling Christian with Work book

Since its first publication, The Kneeling Christian has helped hundreds of thousands of believers discover the key to God s treasure house of blessing. This classic book on prayer, written by "An Unknown Author" sometime before the 1930 s, answers the most basic and often-asked questions on prayer. This book is a Timeless wisdom and practical advice on effective prayer from Christian classic!
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