Publishing Finance

Funding a book published by us basically involves taking pre-orders and getting your book published with funds from prospective readers and backers. This fundraising method offers several benefits.

For authors, it provides necessary finance you require to get the book printed, as well as enable your book to be pre-ordered before it is published.

We guarantee to apply the funds toward the publishing of your book once it meets the set minimum fundraising goal for printing the book. There is no obligation to print a book if you don't find enough pre-order or backers for the book.

Funding Your Book - .How it Works

Just like crowd funding, our book funding program covers the cost of creation, printing, and promotion of your book Ezyfunding works on the principle that the author will reach out to his or her audience to fund the production of the book especially the printing.

The author submits a manuscript for consideration and agrees to a printing target that starts from 1,000 copies. You will not be alone responsible for the promotion of your book; Krossway Publishing will work with you all the way, to get your book published.

To do this, we would start by creating a cover, write a review and write promo blurbs. A payment of 200 (non-refundable) would be required to cover part of this initial cost.

Based on the publishing package purchased, we simply apply the rest of the funds raised to the balance of your package and printing copies of the book to distribute to your backers. We encourage supporter incentives to your backers so as to reach your pre-set target and get your book published early.

Authors keep 100% ownership of their work, Please note that Ezyfunding cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans. And if you should decide not to continue with the publishing of your book, every contribution collected will be refunded to your backers/sponsors and not to the author.

Backers for Your Book

The majority of initial funding usually comes from those that know you; church members, fans, relatives, and friends. In addition, they'll spread the word to their friends, fans and so on. Press, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, website, conference plugging are big sources of traffic and pledges. Altogether, hundreds or thousands of people visit your page on CrossFunding every week to pre-order your book at a discount.

What do backers get in return?

Backers that support a book project on CrossFunding receive advance knowledge of your book, and help your project come to life without your bearing the cost of printing the book. They also get to choose from a variety of discount and rewards offered by the author. Rewards will vary from project to project, but often include a huge discount off the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the book plus other items such as (CD, DVD, or books by the author or the publishers

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What You need to Know

Krossway Publishing applies our standard publishing package fee plus a 0.5% fee for using our proprietary software and dedicated fundraising platform to process the funds collected. All pledges received from backers are processed securely by a third-party payments partner. There are no payment processing fees for contributors

Crowdfunding can be challenging- Hard questions on funding for your book!

Who knows what crowdfunding is? (Kickstarter, Indigogo, etc.)

How many of your friends and contacts understand crowdfunding?

How many are willing to pre-order online for up to 50% discount?

How many are willing to commit money online?

People need to be reminded up to SEVEN TIMES (rule of seven).

Are you comfortable soliciting for pre-order using an escrow account?

How good are you at self-promotion and PR?

How determined are you to become a published author with high reward for your effort?

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