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  • Welcome to Krossway Publishing

    Krossway Publishing is a Christian book publishing house. We publish titles across a broad spectrum of topics that are meant to help deepen believers' faith and reflect it to others, not just in church but also in their daily life.

  • Christian Quick Reads Series

    Christian Quick Reads Series is a Krossway Publishing imprint for short books by Christian authors written for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. They are also designed to encourage the discovery of the joy of books and make real lasting changes to believers' faith.

About us

We are proud to be part of a new book publishing and printing movement. With our flexible publishing platform, authors now have the opportunity to get their book published and also reap the reward. Our goal is to provide the best service and produce high-quality books from manuscript to marketing. By joining forces with you the author, we form an innovative and exciting publishing partnership.

Our No Royalty publishing policy provides the author with the ability to reap good income by making the book available for purchase online from stores such as WHSmith, Foyles, Waterstones, etc. They would also be available for distribution and sold worldwide on Amazon and other online bookstores.

Krossway Publishing also publishes Christian Quick Reads Series. The imprint is designed for short books by Christian authors for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. The CQRS books are to encourage the discovery of the joy of books that makes real lasting changes to believers faith.

Krossway Publishing is a subsidiary of Crossenterp Limited, a fast growing Christian media and enterprise company in the United Kingdom. We are passionate about the good news of grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Media| General Information

We know that writers prefer to write than getting their hands dirty doing marketing and any chance to avoid it to get back to writing is attractive. Krossway Publishing.offers a blend of the prestige of being published by a publishing house and the financial reward that goes with the contributory enterprise. Find out more about our Publishing Service here

Christian Quick Reads Series are short books by Christian authors for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. They are also designed to encourage the discovery of the joy of books and make real lasting changes to believers faith.

Click here to find out more about Christian Quick Reads Series

Krossway Publishing also republishes out of date and public domain books under our imprint. Some of our books are derivative work, in that they have,where necessary been extensively edited without losing the quality of the original book/manuscript. We realised that there is a vacuum to be filled by republishing out of date books, especially those in public domain. Our aim is to promote the very best of Christian authors, literature and classic evangelical titles.

If you know of or have authored a book that has gone (or is going) out of print, we welcome the opportunity to become your publisher.


  • We believe that the Bible is inspired and, therefore, inerrant Word of God. The Bible is the final authority for all we believe and how we are to live.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, fully God and fully man; that He was conceived and born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and offered Himself as a penal, substitutionary sacrifice for sinners.
  • We believe By His blood shed at the cross, Jesus Christ obtained for us eternal redemption, the forgiveness of sins and life everlasting. He was raised bodily on the third day and ascended to the right hand of the Father, there to make intercession for the saints forever.
  • We believe that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.
  • We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ baptizes believers in the Holy Spirit, in whom we are also sealed for the day of redemption. The Holy Spirit regenerates, forever indwells, and graciously equips the Christian for godly living and service.
  • We also believe that signs and wonders, as well as all the gifts of the Spirit described in the New Testament, are operative today and are designed to testify to the presence of the kingdom and to empower and edify the Church to fulfil its calling and mission.
  • We believe that the one true God exists eternally in three persons, father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that these, being one God, are equal in deity, power, and glory.
  • We believe that God not only created the world but also now upholds, sustains, governs, and providentially directs all that exists and that He will bring all things to their proper consummation in Christ Jesus to the glory of His name.
  • We believe in the literal second coming of Christ at the end of the age when He will return to earth personally and visibly to consummate His kingdom.

Krossway Publishing is a subsidiary of Crossenterp Limited, a company registered as limited by guarantee (Company Number 10888391) registered in England & Wales. Registered Address: 160 Kemp House, City Road, London EC1V 2NX


Biblical Reference



If you've ever wanted to understand Jesus' heart, the words he spoke should be your starting point. Using all the recorded words of Jesus, this book simplifies the reading of His spoken words, wisdom, and promises without the narrative. Jesus becomes better understood as you read his statements alone.ISBN-978-1-9998101-0-8

Biblical Reference


Jesus: A-Z

This book contains over 1,000 sayings of Jesus arranged in Alphabetical order under key topics. Jesus: A-Z is a comprehensive compilation that makes easy reading and understanding of the teachings of Jesus from the four Gospels.

The Holy Bible

Holy Bible - Modern English Version

The Holy Bible (World English Bible Version -WEBV) is a completely modern English translation of the Bible for users who are looking for a Bible that is easy to read and understand. It compares favorably with other recognised translations.

ISBN -978 -1-9998101-6-0


Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt : The Authentic Jesus

It is true of the person of Jesus that he walked, ate, laughed, loved and taught on this earth. This book provides a well-supported evidence from many backgrounds that include, science, religion, history, and accounts of witnesses, to support the man-God who came to fulfill the promise of God for the salvation of mankind.
ISBN -978 -1-9998101-7-7

Christian Living

The Kneeling Christian with Work book

Since its first publication, The Kneeling Christian has helped hundreds of thousands of believers discover the key to God s treasure house of blessing. This classic book on prayer, written by "An Unknown Author" sometime before the 1930 s, answers the most basic and often-asked questions on prayer. This book is a Timeless wisdom and practical advice on effective prayer from Christian classic!

The Christian Quick Reads Series

The Christian Quick Reads Series

Introducing..... The Christian Quick Reads Series

At a time when books are getting longer and longer, Christian Quick Reads Series offer readers books that are short but memorable.

Christian Quick Reads Series are short books by Christian authors for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. They are also designed to encourage the discovery of the joy of books and make real lasting changes to believers' faith.

CQRS books are the same as standard books in most respects but are simply shorter and easier to tackle for readers

who may feel less confident in their reading skills. The books can be used as a resource for Christian Literacy teaching and studies.

The CQRS titles are available as eBooks and printed books through our dedicated online bookshop, Amazon and from publishers and wholesalers. CQRS books are also available through Christian retailers, online booksellers and through churches.

Christian Quick Reads Series is a unique initiative of Krossway Publishing. We aim to distribute 1 million CQRS books per year through our church outreach initiative. We look forward to celebrating hundreds of thousands of new readers each year who have been introduced to the joys and benefits of Christian literature.

As you buy or read a book in the Christian Quick Reads Series, we'll like to thank you for your support.

Christian Quick Reads Series is an imprint of Krossway Publishing, a division of Crossenterp Limited, a Christian media and enterprise business ministry.

We invite authors to write short books that are easy to read. Complete the Publishing Proposal Form here

For more information about CQRS publishing, contact us at publishing@crossenterp.com

Key Features of CQRS

  • Multiple formats of Publication - Paper, E-book,, Kindle, E-Pub, Print-on-Demand (POD.)
  • Greater visibility in the catalog.
  • Books always available anywhere in the world.
  • Special online marketing tools to broadcast announcements.
  • Guaranteed profits from the first sale.
  • International markets. Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA.
  • For authors looking for a new home with 100% control and royalties for their published book, Krossway Publishing can assist you to move from your current self-publish status, small press and publishing houses.

Submit your Manuscript by completing the Publishing Proposal form

Publishing Services

Why Publish with us?

We know that writers prefer to write than getting their hands dirty doing marketing and any chance to avoid it to concentrate on writing is attractive. And that is what we offer at Krossway Publishing.- a blend of the prestige of being published by a publishing house and the financial reward that goes with the contributory enterprise.

Print Publishing

Our print management experience also provides us with the advantage to help keep the cost of producing low so that the writer can benefit from their effort. The print publishing service includes 2 years distribution with INGRAM, AMAZON-ONLY warehousing costs are additional and dependent on the number of books in storage.


Our digital software resources and experience also provides us with the advantage to help keep the cost of producing low so that the writer can benefit from their effort. We are able to produce your book in any digital format such as E-book, Flipping-book, epub, etc. We also have the necessary software and experts for the online and offline marketing of your book.

Are you an existing author? Would you like to move your book(s) to Krossway Publishing, click here

What we can do for You

Our service. comprises of the following:

Transcription - convert audio and video to a manuscript.

Editorial- proof-reading, editing

Production -Layout, designing of a cover, digital E-book, website

Printing - pre-press, printing management

Legal and Administration - Barcoding, Library and Book trade notification

Distribution-Wholesalers, Retailers, Mail order handling

Marketing-Advertising, PR, internet marketing

Promotions- launching, Exhibition

Digital - Publishing and Marketing

Here's how it works

Krossway Publishing looks after all preparation, production, printing and promotion of your book. That is from Manuscript to Marketing. We take care of the legal and administrative tasks too, as well as arrange (depending on package chosen) various sales and distribution alternatives and promotional tools. We fill orders from individuals, bookstores and wholesalers, printing the books one-at-a-time "on-demand" to match incoming orders.

Our service guarantees are no expensive inventory and no waste. From the sale price, we set aside a healthy author's royalty -- and send you a check every month.

Krossway Publishing will send your book's description to the main book industry reference databases so that bookstores and libraries around the world can locate your book for special orders. We also make your book available to major booksellers like Amazon and to other online bookstores.

We support our publishing with an advertising campaign, in our own publications, offline and online as well as on social media. You'll benefit from our wide audience of a dedicated reader. On top of that, we even let you have your own basic website, free, as a tool to promote and sell your book.

We will also provide you with Sales support such as orders taking from individuals, bookstores, and wholesalers. From the sale price, we set aside a healthy author's royalty and send you a cheque every three months.

We will provide a regular account with a breakdown of sales record every month.

Find out more about our Terms and Conditions -To submit a Book Proposal, please click here

Our Promises to Authors

1..We do not take any royalties whatsoever from our authors.

2. We only use PayPal for all transactions, therefore, you will never need to give us your bank details or credit card information, unless you choose to do so voluntarily.

3. We promote all our authors across our media platforms and social media, all the time.

4. We offer marketing, review, design, video trailer, and editing services to all our authors, including transferred authors, which are available to purchase -as -you go, whenever you would like to revamp your book.

5. We offer an all-in-one package for authors looking to launch a new book, or fully revamp a current book entirely. However, all of the services in the package are also available separately.

6. We believe that a professional book service should provide authors with their requirements in line with their specific needs and ideas, and we will assist you in achieving your objectives

7. Your point of contact will always be a senior executive in our office, and you will have unlimited support contact.

8. You will remain in full control of your Amazon Book Page at all times, with full support from us.

9. You will retain your rights, ISBN, book page, and sales even if you decide to leave us

10. You will retain your rights, ISBN, book page, and sales even if Krossway Publishing stops operation for any reason.

Subjects Covered

List of Book Subjects that we publish

Bible Study Guides
Biblical Reference
Business / Leadership
Comparative Religions
Children's Bibles
Children-Bible Story Book
Classics / Literature
Contemplative Life
Commentaries-New Testament
Commentaries-Old Testament
Children's Ministry
Christian Education
Christianity and Culture
Christian Living
Church Growth
Church Leadership
Church Music Ministry
Church Wide Campaigns
Devotional Bible

Emerging Church
Evangelism and Outreach
Family Ministry
Faith and Science
Giant Print Bible
Gift Bible
Health and Diet
Holy Spirit
Lay Counseling
Missional Church
Pastoral Care and Counseling
Pastoral Help
Practical Theology / Church Life
Prophecy / End Time
Prophecy / Prophetic

Reference Bible
Sermons and Illustrations
Science and Religion
Singles Ministry
Small Group Ministry & Resources
Stewardship and Church Finances
Student Ministry
Stress management
Spiritual Formation
Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Warfare
Theology / Church History
Theology: General Studies
Theological Interpretation
Theology: Historical Theology
Youth-Devotional and Prayer
Worship / Liturgy

Publishing Package


Your Plan

Disk Space



Your Text

Your Text

Your Text


Standard Publishing Package

First Time Writers and authors

Conversion of Word File


Typographical Layout

Book Cover Design

2 printed copy of your book .

Print-on-Demand Service


Advanced Publishing Package

IDEAL and authors

Conversion of Word File

ISBN Registration

Typographical Layout

Preess Release & PUBLICITY

5 printed copy of your book .

Print-on-Demand Service


Premium Publishing Package

ideal for Established Author

All the Features of the APP

Marketing Kit

Featured Books

 50 printed copy of your book 

Print-on-Demand Service


Ultimate Publishing Package

Ideal for New & Existing Authors



200 printed copy of your book .

Print-on-Demand Service


*Editing and Proof Reading only applies to a well-written manuscript that is ready for publishing. If you require proofreading and editing of first and second drafts, we advise that you should purchase these services separately, before submitting your book for publishing.

  • All the above packages are based on the assumption that your book does not exceed 252 pages

**We aim to deliver your book within 10 week fromthe submission of a manuscript **

Publishing Finance

Funding a book published by us basically involves taking pre-orders and getting your book published with funds from prospective readers and backers. This fundraising method offers several benefits.

For authors, it provides necessary finance you require to get the book printed, as well as enable your book to be pre-ordered before it is published.

We guarantee to apply the funds toward the publishing of your book once it meets the set minimum fundraising goal for printing the book. There is no obligation to print a book if you don't find enough pre-order or backers for the book.

Funding Your Book - .How it Works

Just like crowd funding, our book funding program covers the cost of creation, printing, and promotion of your book Ezyfunding works on the principle that the author will reach out to his or her audience to fund the production of the book especially the printing.

The author submits a manuscript for consideration and agrees to a printing target that starts from 1,000 copies. You will not be alone responsible for the promotion of your book; Krossway Publishing will work with you all the way, to get your book published.

To do this, we would start by creating a cover, write a review and write promo blurbs. A payment of 200 (non-refundable) would be required to cover part of this initial cost.

Based on the publishing package purchased, we simply apply the rest of the funds raised to the balance of your package and printing copies of the book to distribute to your backers. We encourage supporter incentives to your backers so as to reach your pre-set target and get your book published early.

Authors keep 100% ownership of their work, Please note that Ezyfunding cannot be used to offer equity, financial returns, or to solicit loans. And if you should decide not to continue with the publishing of your book, every contribution collected will be refunded to your backers/sponsors and not to the author.

Backers for Your Book

The majority of initial funding usually comes from those that know you; church members, fans, relatives, and friends. In addition, they'll spread the word to their friends, fans and so on. Press, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, website, conference plugging are big sources of traffic and pledges. Altogether, hundreds or thousands of people visit your page on CrossFunding every week to pre-order your book at a discount.

What do backers get in return?

Backers that support a book project on CrossFunding receive advance knowledge of your book, and help your project come to life without your bearing the cost of printing the book. They also get to choose from a variety of discount and rewards offered by the author. Rewards will vary from project to project, but often include a huge discount off the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of the book plus other items such as (CD, DVD, or books by the author or the publishers

Visit Crossfunding Platform Now !

What You need to Know

Krossway Publishing applies our standard publishing package fee plus a 0.5% fee for using our proprietary software and dedicated fundraising platform to process the funds collected. All pledges received from backers are processed securely by a third-party payments partner. There are no payment processing fees for contributors

Crowdfunding can be challenging- Hard questions on funding for your book!

Who knows what crowdfunding is? (Kickstarter, Indigogo, etc.)

How many of your friends and contacts understand crowdfunding?

How many are willing to pre-order online for up to 50% discount?

How many are willing to commit money online?

People need to be reminded up to SEVEN TIMES (rule of seven).

Are you comfortable soliciting for pre-order using an escrow account?

How good are you at self-promotion and PR?

How determined are you to become a published author with high reward for your effort?

Individual Services

ServicesStandard Package (SPPAdvanced Package (APP)Premier Package (PPP)Ultimate Package (UPP)
Transcribing (Audio & Videos)AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Editing & ProofingAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Typographical LayoutAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Conversion of Word FileAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Cover DesignAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
ISBN RegistrationAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Amazon DistributionAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Full DistributionAvailableAvailable
Hardback EditionAvailableAvailableAvailable
Targeted Press ReleaseAvailableAvailable
Marketing ProgramAvailableAvailable
Marketing KitAvailableAvailable
Featured BookAvailableAvailable
Bookseller ServiceAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Print-on DemandAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Printed Copies1 5100500
Book RetailAvailableAvailable

What Are the Costs?

Our services are flexible because no two authors or books are the same. You may purchase our services individually or as a package. The cost will depend on the number of pages or words in your manuscript. However, if you choose from our publishing package, your total investment will be between 499.00 for the most basic service and 2999.00 for our full publishing package. As an example, our Premier Publishing Package include100 books at 1499. Additional cost for hard copy printing will be per unit, most often at about 10% - 20% of the set cover price. Depending on the package, you will receive between 5 and 500 books.

Please request for a quotation for the individual Services by using the form here.

Control of the copyright, content, appearance and price

Here's more great news: you keep 100% of your copyright. You can switch to another publisher if an offer comes along. You can sell movie rights, translation rights, serialisation -- you keep all the money and you are not bound to Krossway Publishing in any way. However, we'll be happy to help along the way.

For distribution, there is strength in numbers

As part of a Christian media house with magazines, newspapers and online presence, your book has the advantage that few authors enjoy. We'll even make your book available to booksellers, librarians, and wholesalers, around the globe. We can ship books to customers inside and outside the United Kingdom.

Call us now on 0330 122 0176 or email:publishing@crossenterp.com

See what you save when we assist you with publishing your book

  1. Advertising and marketing of your book including mail Order worth 10,000
  2. You only pay when your book is sold with our exclusive adv.ertising and marketing program.
  3. Reduced cost of publishing. You only contribute to the direct cost.
  4. Free website of your own that you can use to promote your book and for family, club, friends etc
  5. On-going association with a progressive and dynamic company.

Our publishing packages are possibly the best value publishing package you will ever find for getting your work out into the mainstream. Whether you're; a pro, semi-pro or just want a taste of what it's like to have your work available to the public. Click here to view our Publishing Packages

About Hardback Book

A hardback book is one that is bound with a rigid protective cover, usually in cardboard, covered in a heavy paper, cloth or leather. Often printed on acid-free paper, they are much more durable than their counterparts and therefore the cost of producing is higher. Some hardbacks feature glossy paper surrounds or jackets that accompany the rigid bindings. These are often used for marketing the same books to different audiences, testing its appeal without costly multiple runs of the book itself.The beauty of our publishing model is that you're not tied down to the traditional publishing approach. With traditional publishing, a hardback book is usually launched first, with a follow-up paperback version 6-12 months later.

You may want to ask yourself how much do you value your work or estimate it's demand.You can launch what you want, whenever you want and however you want, although it's very unusual to publish a hardback after a paper version. Therefore, you may have to be sure that your type of book is fit for hardback editions. Otherwise, a paperback will do just fine.

Printing Service

Quality print and finishing matters in the book trade! Therefore, at Krossway Publishing, we position ourselves as a quality publishing imprint for authors who are serious about getting their work accepted by trade distributors and in front of readers. While we provide Print-On-Demand (POD) with our service, we also print short runs of books. However, ahigh production value is ideal for your book to be comparable to the major commercially published book. Therefore, we encourage our authors to print at least 500 copies of their book so that it has a chance of achieving good sales and return on investment of time, labour and money. 

Service for Existing Authors

Amazon Marketing


We will place your book in the right categories to give it a high chance of ranking on Amazon.

We will also assess current your categories and give you 3-5 categories in the BISAC registry,

Guide To Set Up Your Amazon Book Page

You will be in control of your new Amazon Book Page. We will provide you with a guideon how to set up your book page. We will coach you through setting up your new edition and merging your existing Amazon Reviews so you don't lose them in the move to us.

Keywords Assessment for Amazon

We will give you 5-7 keywords or phrases that will help readers discover you on Amazon

Author's Web page

As part of our service, we provide you with an author page on our website. Your website will include the following:

  • Buy button linked to your Amazon listing.
  • A 3D book image,
  • Author photo and bio,
  • A book trailer if you have one. If you don't, we can provide one at a reasonable price for you to use to promote your book.

ISBN Registration

At Krossway Publishing, you are registered at Bowker as one of our published authors and will be treated as such by libraries and book buyers.Your new ISBN will be registered with Krossway Publishing at the ISBN agency. Krossway Publishing publishes the US and UK English books using KDP and Createspace technologies at Amazon.com.

As a publishing house, your book will have the published status rather than having an ISBN acquire through a service like Ingram, Createspace, or BookBaby who are not publishers in the traditional sense. Their services are formatting and distribution services for self-published authors,

New Barcode and Back of your Book/Spine Redesign

The cover for your print book will need a redesign to replace the current publisher's barcode and pricing. You would also be free to decide on a new print price for your book too.

We will provide a free redesign upon receiving the old cover at 300dpi in PDF or Photoshop format.


Alternatively, you can get a custom cover designed at a reasonable price, including your licenses for stock imagery and fonts from our in-house book designers to get a new.

Additional Services

In addition to purchasing a new ISBN, you may also want to consider the following:

  • Author Website - Designed and Hosted for 1 year on WordPress with custom URL.
  • Book Cover Redesign eBook only, including stock licenses.
  • Book Cover Redesign eBook and Print including stock licenses.
  • Book Trailer 30 seconds including posting on Youtube and website.
  • Book Trailer 1 minute including posting on Youtube and website.
  • EBook to Print Package -including new book cover, ISBN, barcode, and distribution
  • Editing Packages (Request for a quote)
  • Book Print-on-Demand.
  • Book Printing - Depending on the quantity.
  • Request for more information.

Moving To Krossway Publishing

If you are not happy with your publisher or need to move to a new imprint and ISBN on Amazon, we can help you with the transition, for a small fee per book. We can set you up as a Krossway Publishing author with our own ISBN and barcode.
All you have to do is purchase a transfer and we will send you:

  • A new ISBN registered to Krossway Publishing registering your book as a published book
  • We will register your BISAC codes and keywords that will help you rank high in Amazon categories
  • We will update your book cover image with your new barcode and ISBN and a Krossway Publishing logo
  • Full instructions on how to change your Amazon book page
  • You will get an author page that includes a book review on Krossway Publishing website, linking to all your book pages.
  • We will provide you with a tailored marketing plan, on a Pay-As-You-Go or inclusive deal purchase.

Request to transfer your book to us here

Contact us

Thank you for your interest in Krossway Publishing . We hope you find the information on our website helpful, and we encourage you to read the General Information section below before submitting an inquiry.

For all other inquiries, use the form on the right side of this page.

Telephone Number: 44230 958 4300

Email: info@krosswaypublishing.com

Head Office: United Kingdom

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