Publishing Ts & Cs

Terms and Conditions

  • You retain full control of the content, design, and layout and keep all rights. You get your book published your way.
  • Our publishing agreement is non-exclusive. You can enter into other publishing agreements or sell the film and television rights with no obligation to Krossway Publishing.
  • Our royalties are substantially larger than the royalties paid by conventional publishers. We pay you 50% of the gross profit margin on each sale.
  • We assist you with deciding on the right retail price: the higher the price, the larger the royalty. The retail price can be based on the value of content. If the nature of your book's content warrants a high price, you can set the retail price at that amount and receive a very substantial royalty.
  • You may buy as many books as you wish, in any quantity at any time, at a low-cost price and resell them yourself anywhere you wish and retain ALL the proceeds of the sale. Conventional publishers charge you retail price less a small discount. The price difference can amount to hundreds or thousands of pounds for most authors.Our pricing is especially lucrative for you if you sell your own books at seminars, book fairs, etc.
  • We require that all services are purchased and paid in advance.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a manuscript that does not conform to Christian faith and beliefs
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