The Christian Quick Reads Series

The Christian Quick Reads Series

Introducing..... The Christian Quick Reads Series

At a time when books are getting longer and longer, Christian Quick Reads Series offer readers books that are short but memorable.

Christian Quick Reads Series are short books by Christian authors for those who do not read often or find reading difficult. They are also designed to encourage the discovery of the joy of books and make real lasting changes to believers' faith.

CQRS books are the same as standard books in most respects but are simply shorter and easier to tackle for readers

who may feel less confident in their reading skills. The books can be used as a resource for Christian Literacy teaching and studies.

The CQRS titles are available as eBooks and printed books through our dedicated online bookshop, Amazon and from publishers and wholesalers. CQRS books are also available through Christian retailers, online booksellers and through churches.

Christian Quick Reads Series is a unique initiative of Krossway Publishing. We aim to distribute 1 million CQRS books per year through our church outreach initiative. We look forward to celebrating hundreds of thousands of new readers each year who have been introduced to the joys and benefits of Christian literature.

As you buy or read a book in the Christian Quick Reads Series, we'll like to thank you for your support.

Christian Quick Reads Series is an imprint of Krossway Publishing, a division of Crossenterp Limited, a Christian media and enterprise business ministry.

We invite authors to write short books that are easy to read. Complete the Publishing Proposal Form here

For more information about CQRS publishing, contact us at

Key Features of CQRS

  • Multiple formats of Publication - Paper, E-book,, Kindle, E-Pub, Print-on-Demand (POD.)
  • Greater visibility in the catalog.
  • Books always available anywhere in the world.
  • Special online marketing tools to broadcast announcements.
  • Guaranteed profits from the first sale.
  • International markets. Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA.
  • For authors looking for a new home with 100% control and royalties for their published book, Krossway Publishing can assist you to move from your current self-publish status, small press and publishing houses.

Submit your Manuscript by completing the Publishing Proposal form

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